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'Effects of Oil on Seabirds'

Conference - Estonia - 2009

In October we were pleased to be invited to address the 10th 'Effects of Oil on Wildlife' International Conference, which is held every three years and this year took place in Tallinn, Estonia.

Pictured above - Jean Bradford takes the stand to present a paper entitled "Post Release Monitoring of Rehabilitated Seabirds", and is introduced by Kees Camphuysen of Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research.

Our presention was well received as we were able to illustrate, through our ringing recovery data, our success in the treatment and rehabilitation of oiled seabirds. 

An Abstract of the address can be found at - follow the directions for Abstracts and then Jean Bradford.

In some countries the debate still rages about whether or not oiled seabirds (guillemots in particular) can be treated. Our contribution has provided a boost in favour of treating these birds, in fact our Table of Ringing Recoveries is a very strong indicator that our rehabilitated birds are successful and with the correct methodology in place oiled guillemots are first rate candidates for treatment.   

Our work on the world stage of oiled seabird rehabilitation is something we take very seriously.   As a very small organisation we are not in a position to travel to other countries to assist when an emergency arises, but we can offer advice, and also if the emergency is not too far away, we can offer accommodation to some of the birds affected.

The manner in which we care for our birds differs from some others, as we believe the best results can be achieved by as little interference as possible, and giving every bird the opportunity of treatment.