Retrieved, Restored, Released


Seabirds have suffered another terrible winter.  Last year it was the polyisobutene incident which rendered the birds unable to cope and in need of assistance, this year from January to March sea birds all along the coast of northern Spain, France and the UK faced violent storms.

Normally these tough birds can weather quite fierce storms, but this year they have been battling tempests which lasted for many weeks.   The birds were tossed about continually and as a result of this many thousands perished.

We have just received the news that two of our guillemots were victim of these storms one was found in Spain almost 15 years after we released it. The other was found in France almost 14 years after it was released.

Both of these birds had been victims of oil pollution in 1999 and 2000 respectively, so at least we had given them several more years of life to enjoy, during which time, no doubt, they would have bred. 

In addition to the (possibly) worst storms on record and, as if to add insult to injury, oil polluted the seas in various places along the Devon coast and it is mainly casualties from this that were brought in to this rescue centre for treatment. 

Most of the guillemots were in breeding plumage - as is the one pictured.

The fumes from the oil on these birds was terrible - obviously the oil had been freshly dumped by heartless people who do not care for other seafarers.